Minnoji is a New York based womenswear line founded in 2013 by Milena Encheva. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she started sewing at the age of 9. By the age of 13 she was spending all her free time sketching garments, making patterns, and cutting the old clothes in her parents house to make new ones out of them, so her family nick named her "Milena the scissors". And that is where the second part of the line's name came from- "nojitza" means scissors in Bulgarian. Milena's huge love for fashion and the desire to be among the biggest names in the industry made her move to the USA in 2003. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she began her journey in the NYC Fashion Industry, working for numerous design houses including Calvin Klein, Mona Fior, and Ali Ro; to name a few. Working under another brand did not fulfill Milena's insatiable desire to design clothes , so she created a womenswear line of her own.


Inspired by art, architecture, and nature, our intention is to create garments which can be worn in many different ways and many different environments. At Minnoji we strongly believe in "Less is more", so our pieces are made to easily translate from day to night just by changing the accompanying accessories. We want our garments to grow up with you and be the ones you back to over and over again and yet don't get tired of.


OUR FABRIC: We use high quality mostly organic fabrics, which we source mainly from Japan, and sometimes from Turkey and South Korea.
OUR GARMENTS are carefully engineered so there is a minimum wastage of fabric. We manufacture our pieces in the Garment District of New York City, which helps us closely monitor the manufacturing process and ensure the high quality of the finished product.


Minnoji, Inc.
907 Broadway, Suite 702,
New York, NY, 10010